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Rural producers expand investments in sustainability

Article-Rural producers expand investments in sustainability

Produtores rurais ampliam investimentos em sustentabilidade.png
As stated by Evaristo de Miranda, general head of Embrapa Territorial, rural producers invest around 20 billion reais a year to protect the environment

A phenomenon has been gaining more and more strength in the countryside: the expressive concern of rural producers with sustainability.

This movement has many explanations: a) the rural producer is currently a property manager and primarily understands the need to have a solid ecosystem; b) the ILF movement (forest plantation integration) is consolidated in its various aspects; and c) the rural producer's ability to understand market trends and expand their syntony with the final consumer.

I perceive the intensity of these points, presented here, in many visits to farms and in deep conversations with cooperatives and rural producers.

But how much is invested in defending sustainability? As stated by Evaristo de Miranda, general head of Embrapa Territorial, rural producers invest around 20 billion reais a year to protect the environment.

I venture to say that this number is even higher, due to the enormous awareness on the part of rural producers in relation to environmental issues and also due to some mechanisms that were widely accepted within the gates, such as Law 12,651, which provides, among other points, on the protection of native vegetation.

Article 29 establishes the Rural Environmental Registry. According to the document, the CAR is "mandatory for all rural properties, with the purpose of integrating environmental information on rural properties and possessions, composing a database for control, monitoring, environmental and economic planning and combating deforestation".

Another interesting point of the Law is the support for the preservation and recovery of the environment, provided for in article 41. Among the measures are the “incentives for commercialization, innovation and acceleration of actions for the recovery, conservation and sustainable use of forests and other forms of native vegetation".

All of this has a great impact on retail, with supermarkets opening their shelves to producers who respect the environment, at all stages of the production process.

After all, this is a clear and objective consumer demand. Those who do not attend to it will certainly close the doors.

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