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How precision agriculture improves results in the field

Article-How precision agriculture improves results in the field

A survey conducted by the Kleffmann Group and presented by Esalq shows that 45% of rural producers use some precision farming technique.

Agriculture has been going through a series of transformations with the development of machines and equipment equipped with sensors that generate the most varied information on cultivation areas in real time, which, when analyzed, are able to avoid losses and increase productivity.

In this context of improving operational efficiency is precision agriculture, a management system that combines technologies such as digital image processing, telemetry and IoT (Internet of Things) to provide a complete crop mapping.

Its adoption starts from the premise that each piece of the farm is different: be it in the soil, in the relief, in the temperature, in the volume of pests or in the water quality. Therefore, each area of ​​a rural property has specific needs in terms of sowing, fertilization, application of inputs and pesticides, for example.

With all this mapping, precision in agriculture occurs when a machine can reach the correct depth for planting seed, spraying occurs only where there is pest attack and the volume of irrigation obeys the need for a certain portion of land . Taking this into account is valid from production planning to making faster and safer decisions on a daily basis.

To get an idea of ​​its importance, a survey conducted by the Kleffmann Group and presented by Esalq (Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, from USP) with rural producers of soy, wheat and corn - three major Brazilian agribusiness crops - points out that 45% use some precision farming technique. The main ones are application of seeds, spraying and fertilization in variable doses, and soil fertility mapping.

The main benefits, in summary, are:

  • Monitoring of production in real time;
  • Greater support and security in decision making;
  • Control of production variation;
  • Reduction of environmental impact;
  • Rational use of machines and equipment;
  • Savings in the use of inputs;
  • Detailed view of each area of ​​the property,
  • Creation of data on rural property data.

Three precision agriculture solutions

Achieving the full potential of precision agriculture and reaching a new productive level depends heavily on connectivity that allows everything from accessing and sending information in real time from the farm to the headquarters to monitoring the plantation and harvest.

Knowing this, Oi promotes technological development for rural solutions and invests in connectivity as the major bridge to support all the necessary progress for the sector.

“Oi has been working to provide the capacity and network characteristics that support business applications as they are implemented. They are customized projects according to the needs and reality of each producer ”, says Adriana Viali, head Oi Soluções.

        1. Connectivity via antenna

With a single antenna installed in the middle of planting, Oi provides connectivity to agricultural activity via the exclusive use of the 450 MHz frequency. This antenna allows communication in remote areas (farm headquarters x planting area) for access and sending information online

        2. Satellite connectivity

Oi's satellite connectivity solution for agribusiness operates in the KA band, characterized as a frequency range used in data transmission. With this technology, the company makes available to the sector a high speed connection, providing up to 25 Mbps without the need for investment in a terrestrial network to bring internet to regions not served by cables, fibers or radio signal.

        3. IoT (Internet of Things)

Through the implantation of transmitters in agricultural implements, Oi develops customized IoT projects for this segment, allowing the monitoring of all agricultural behavior and production, from planting to harvest.

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